Why supporters?

YWAM is made up of full-time volunteers. No "YWAM'er" makes a pay check from YWAM. All of us rely on a relationship-based support group and total dependance on God's provision. Although this can some times be quiet the faith streatching/building experience, we love the opportunity it has created for us to form relationships and impact Gods kingdom as a body. We simply could not do what we do without a team of loving supporters behind us financially, prayerfully, and relationally.  

We currently have 31 faithful monthly supporters! These people are the jelly to our toast, the chocolate to our milk, our other half in our passion to change the world for Christ. Without them all of this wouldn't be possible. We are deeply thankful for each of them and their part in our ministry. We are still looking for many willing people to join our team and make a difference in this world. Our current income is $2300 a month and our goal budget is $3000 month. The $3000 a month will cover our rent, insurance, food, Coras and Rubys expenses (diapers, formula, food, clothes), toiletries, travel, mentoring sessions with students, group sessions with students, local ministry, and tithe. We would love to receive you as part of our family, and for you to join us in the things God is doing around the world! 

Want to Become a Supporter?

If you would like to join the Norell Brigade, select the amount you would like to support us at, then click the paypal button.