June 2017

We just returned from an amazing two weeks in Durban and Jeffery's Bay, South Africa! Josh recently returned from visiting our team in Ethiopia, and we decided to visit the South Africa teams as a family. If you are receiving an update letter from us for the first time, it will be good to know what our job is. We lead a discipleship training school, this year leading a team of 6 staff and 24 students. We recently sent three teams out to Africa for a 2 1/2 month missions assignment. The purpose of a pastoral visit is to connect with our teams, provide help in areas of conflict, meet with each student one on one, and help our staff process and tackle any problems. Overall, our goal was to leave our teams feeling encouraged, supported, and refreshed! 
Meet, Leah! Leah is our good friend and super hero babysitter! She joined us on the South Africa adventure solely to care and love on our girls. We knew that doing this trip as a family would be impossible without help, and we are so grateful for her willingness to serve our family and the ministry in this way. Leah and the girls had many adventures of there own! It was a privilege to do this ministry trip with Leah. We really felt that having the whole family there was a blessing to the teams, and brought a sense of "home" to the students and staff. We believe that family and missions together can be a very rich part of ministry. Thanks Leah for making this possible!  
The first couple of days at each location we took an hour with each of staff members and student to ask about how the outreach is going, what God is teaching them, and how they are being challenged. We also helped resolve conflicts, coached them through difficulties, and prayed with them. Colton and Harminke, (pictured above) are our awesome staff who are leading team Durban, and below is a picture of Vincent and Rebekah, who are leading team Jeffery's Bay.  It was good to spend time with these great friends and hear all about the outreach experince!

On Sunday during our time in Durban, we were able to join the team to an Indian church. 30 minutes from where the team was staying there is a township with a community of Indians. On Sunday we visited this township and our 17 (!!!) year old student preach at a Church there, and another shared her testimony! We had the honor of ministering to the church after the sermon, and Josh and I prayed for the pastor and his wife. Following the service we were treated to a delicious Indian curry at the Pastors house! We were blown away by their incredible hospitality and such welcoming culture! I had a moment while sitting at their table that I realised how crazy our life can be. We were in South Africa, in a Indian community, sitting around a table with Americans, Germans, Dutchies, New Zeelanders, and Canadians. It was a moment of thankfulness, and a reminder that saying "YES" to Jesus often mean finding yourself in the strangest and most amazing situations.   

 We even went on a 9 mile hike in the mountains! 9 miles, to the top and down again twice, through rivers and bushes. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! WITH TWO KIDS!? We took on the challenge and it was so worth it. We saw two wild Zebras, and the views were breathtaking. 

A Student is baptised! 
In Jeffery's Bay, we joined the team in ministry time at a local school, where they preformed a skit and short sermon. We have a very  A , attended Church in the township, and organised some fun activities for team building. A special moment was being able to witness one of our students be baptised! It fills our hearts to see the students fully choose to walk in holiness and closeness with Jesus! It was an honour for us to witness that moment.   
Our time in South Africa was amazing. Walking through these last six months with our students, seeing them grow in their relationship with God and actively choose Jesus for themselves was confirmation in our hearts that this is exactly the assignment God has for us right now. We are currently wrapping up our final weeks of the DTS, and then we will be flying back to Oklahoma for 7 weeks! Thank you for your support and prayers as we adventured as took on Pastoral visit as a family!
Josh, Lexi, Cora, and Ruby

May 2017

Norells in Amsterdam!

Dear Friends, 

A few days ago Josh returned home from Ethiopia, completing the first of three pastoral visits! Tonight, our whole family will board a flight to South Africa to visit the two other teams from our DTS. We will be there for two weeks, meeting with each staff and student, bringing encouragement, and helping to resolve any conflict or issues that are happening within the teams. From reports from our staff the ministry is going very well. We are looking forward to these next two weeks, and excited to see how God will use our whole family on this pastoral visit. Would you be praying for us?  Pray that we would have wisdom in leading our team and also for protection for us and our girls.  
Josh here, Want to give a quick update of my time in Ethiopia. I traveled there with a friend (Annet) from the 4th-11th of May. The Purpose of our trip was to love on the team, help resolve any issues and set them up for a great remainder of the outreach. 
The first day we arrived we found out that the team had gotten lice that week. We spent the first day helping them with that and that evening I shared my first sermon on, God's Timing. The next day we found out that the team had had their shoes and towel stolen. Kind of a rough start!
The next few days were spent meeting with each team member and having a one on one with them. We were able to help them through any difficulties they were having and really encourage them to step up and take on this precious time to see God move in and through their lives. We were also blessed to connect with our teams hosts and really encourage and bless them as well. Overall it was an amazing trip, I would love to show you photos of my time, but my phone, which is also my wallet, was stolen 5 hours before my flight home. After all my years of training growing up in the Dominican Republic, I still get robbed in a little minivan. It was all so sneaky and fast I didn't even realise it had happened but anywho, God is good. I am so blessed to be back home with my family
Last month we spent a week in Albania for the YWAM Europe Gathering! Only sense the 90's has Albania become an open country to the Gospel. Praying, worshiping, and gathering together as missionaries on the beach of Albania was evidence of Gods faithfulness in that land.
While we were there, three of our students where baptised! It was an honour to watch our staff baptise the students in the name of Jesus. The transformation in these young peoples lives, and seeing how they have come to full surrender to Jesus is the greatest thing to witness. 
The week in Albania was also the first week of out-reach for the students. They served in the teens ministry during the gathering, and facilitated worships and biblical lessons for the kids. We were so impressed watching them share Jesus with other young people. We sent each out-reach team off from Albania, one team to Ethiopia, and two teams to South Africa. It was a beautiful time all together!
The Girls 
Cora is our little fire ball! She is loving her Dutch school and is starting to speak more Dutch at home. Her teachers say that she is very out-going with the kids at school and is a little leader. they also said that she will notice the kids who are alone, and will go and put her arm around them and make sure they are included in activities. She loves to dance and wrestle with Josh in the evenings. We couldn't be prouder of her, and her caring, full of life spirit. 
Ruby will turn ONE on June 3rd! She is kind and sweet, always ready to give someone a smile and loves to wave. She looks up to her big sister and will try to do everything she is doing. Ruby is crawling around everywhere, and is walking around as long as she has something to hold on to. Albania was the first time Ruby left Holland, but she is looking forward to adding South Arica to her passport! We love her so much, and she bring so much! 
Tulsa here we come!
On July 2nd we will be flying to Tulsa and we will be there until the 21st of August! We are so excited to be visiting home and hopefully seeing many of you! Our first week home will be spent in Arkansas for a family reunion on Josh's side. The following week Josh's brother, Ben will be getting married to an amazing women named Charis! The wedding is in Oklahoma, and we can't wait to welcome Charis into the family! The rest of our time in Tulsa will be visiting family, especially introducing everyone to Ruby, and also connecting to our Church and meeting with as many of our supporters as possible. We plan to have a "open house" at my parents home, for any of you to come, hear more about our ministry, and of course meet Ruby! We are looking forward to this time in the States! Thank you all for your prayers, and for being a huge support to us in this journey! 
Lexi, Josh, and girls 
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MARCH 2017

Blessings from Amsterdam!
Wow, these past few months have been a whirlwind. In January we kicked off the start of the Discipleship Training School, and in two weeks from now our students will be beginning their out-reach portion of the school, and in teams flying to different locations to share the Gospel. As leaders of the Discipleship Training School it has been our privilege to walk life closely with our incredible staff team, and witness the transformation God is doing in our students lives. We feel very encouraged, and we see more than ever the value of mentoring, teaching, and discipling young people through our ministry. Some days the emotional work of our job can be taxing, but the fruit is worth it, and God has been so faithful. Thank you all for your continual love and support as we serve God in this way.   
Family in Amsterdam!
Josh's parents Kent and Janet Norell taught a week on Relationships and Communication for our school. Kent and Janet spent 25 years serving as YWAM directors in the Dominican Republic where Josh grew up. It was a blast having them here as speakers, and a blessing to our base as they shared about their life on the mission field. This time with them was extra special because they met Ruby for the first time! We feel so thankful that they were here, and it was great to have quality time as a family. 
Adventures in Dortrecht
Week 7 of our lecture phase we traveled to Dortrecht, Holland! We stayed in an old Church that now functions as a Christian community centre, and the students received teaching from Adam Narciso, on Freedom. It was a powerful week for everyone, as Adam walked the class through spiritual and emotional freedom from their past. During that week the students were also able to do ministry in the city, and be a blessing to the community centre leaders. Overall it was a successful week and nice to explore more of Holland. 


Albania + South Africa + Ethiopia 
Our 24 students have been divided into three out-reach teams and will be going to three different locations. Durban - South Africa, Jefferys Bay - South Africa, and Ethiopia. The outreach will be 9 weeks long! Two members from our staff team will be leading each team of students.
The first week of out-reach all teams, including our family, will be in Albania serving at a YWAM conference. From there all teams will fly to their main focus locations and our family will return to Amsterdam.
In the coming months we plan to visit each team on a pastoral visit. We would spend roughly five days with each team, meeting with the staff and students, helping with any conflicts, and mainly encouraging each team. Please praying for us as we plan, pray, and raise the remaining $2,000 to make this possible.   
Sweet Moments
  • On March 7th, Josh turned 28! We had a celebration with our closest friends, and Josh's parents were able to be here to celebrate with us! 
  • Ruby is still just as sweet as can be! She is known for her contagious smile and always being joyful. She has her first birthday coming up in June, (where has the time gone?!) 
  • Cora started Dutch Pre-school in February! The photo above was taken on her first day of school surrounded by her supporting friends. She absolutely loves going to school, and she's beginning to understand Dutch quite well. You can visit Lexi's blog to read more about Coras first day at school! Go to, Norellnook.com
  • Lexi's mom came to visit us and spend quality time with the girls. It was so much fun to be together!
Thank you for reading along! 

God bless you!

Josh, Lexi, Cora, and Ruby
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January 2017

HELLO, 2017!
We hope you have had a great start to 2017! Some of our New Years resolutions include... potty training (pray for us) learning Dutch, mastering the art of bike riding with two kids and groceries, teaching Ruby how to walk, and discovering all the secrets to parenting (thats possible, right?) 
We had a blast welcoming in the new year with friends and family in Amsterdam. We were so blessed to have Josh's brother, Nate, join us for Christmas and New Years! Over the past couple weeks Nate created this video that shows a glimpse of our daily life in Amsterdam. We are so grateful to him! We hope you enjoy the video!
Josh, lexi, Cora, and Ruby 

December 2016

Christmas Update Video

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be checking your email soon for a full video update about our lives in Amsterdam! Praying each of you experience God's peace and joy during this Christmas season!


Josh, Lexi, Cora, and Ruby 
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JUly 2016


Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you!

Hello, from our new family of four!

Wow, this life with Jesus is quite a wild and beautiful one. Since we last emailed we have added a precious new addition to our family, wrapped up the Discipleship Training School, said goodbye to our Shine students, and even had a job promotion! Thank you for sticking with us, praying and loving us from close and far, and for celebrating God's goodness here in Amsterdam. So here it is, a glimpse of what we have been up to and testimonies of God's faithfulness over the past few months. 

Ruby Ann Norell
On June 3rd we welcomed our little Ruby Ann into this world! Ruby is healthy and doing so well. Today we celebrate her being with us for a whole month, (so fast!). Both of our girls have been born in different countries, in languages not our own, with health care systems that we are not used to, but we have so enjoyed the pregnancy and delivery of Ruby here in Holland. It has been so much fun watching Cora become a big sister. She loves Ruby and even says her name and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. There are times we notice that Cora feels that things are different and that she isn’t the only one. We are doing our best to find the balance with having a very active toddler, and a very new baby! We hope all of you will have the chance to meet our newest addition to the family soon! 
Blessed with the best!

A huge blessing for us over the past 8 weeks has been having Lexi's mom and sister here with us! They have helped in so many ways during this transition emotionally, and practically. For us, the hardest part about living oversees in not being near family, especially during these early years of being a young family. It has been so wonderful having them close!
Goodbye, DTS 2016!
Last week we celebrated the graduation of our 19 students who completed their Dicipleship Training School! Both teams returned from their out-reach locations and went through a full week of debrief with the staff before returning home. We are so proud of the students and feel so honored to have been part of the transformation in their lives. We truly feel that we are releasing 19 young people back into the world who have a deeper knowing of who God is, a passion for missions, and a desire to love Jesus more and more! This is why we do what we do, and we love it! 

Hello, new ARTS DTS leader!
This past year and a half we have staffed and lead the outreach portion of the first DTS, and then Josh co-lead the second DTS this year. A few months back our leadership team approved Josh to be the School Leader for the ARTS DTS here in Amsterdam! We are so excited to take on this responsibility and to continue leading and discipling young people. Along with this responsibility Josh will become team leader for the staff of the ARTS DTS. We are passionate about not just discipling the students in the training schools, but also pouring into the staff, and discipling them in their walk with Jesus. Please pray for us as we plan and prepare for the ARTS DTS 2017.

Many blessings to you! 
The Norells 

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June 2016


Welcome to the world, 

Ruby Ann Norell

Born on June 3rd, 2016
8.5 Pounds
Amsterdam, Holland

February-April 2016

Norells in Amsterdam!
Hallo, friends!
These past few months of training and discipleing our 19 students have been so rich. It is bitter sweet that our lecture phase of the DTS is over and we sent them out in two teams to share the Gospel for two month in another country. One team went to South Africa and the other to the Middle East ( a location we cannot share due to safety). Please be praying for these two teams!
What we've been up to!
Last month we had a week called Flood the City! We went out in teams praying for people, offering healing, and also FREE HUGS. The week was very powerful. Many people accepted Christ on the streets, and many more received Jesus's love and the Gospel story. For our students this was a real test of their comfort zones and many conquered fears of failure and stepping out for Jesus.  This city is waiting for the Gospel and for people who are willing to boldly share about Jesus in the streets, trains, bars, and weed shops. Seeing God move in amazing ways was so incredible. 
We currently live in YWAM housing in a building called Samaritan's Inn. Josh and I have two rooms to ourselves, and then share a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and one shower with 12 other people. We love living in this tightly-knit community environment. We are beginning to prepare for Ruby's arrival and thinking of creative ways to make our space functional for us four. We are excited to grow our family within this community and see it as a crazy adventure! 
Last month our students went to Calais, France to minister and serve the refugees. The world is currently calling this refugee camp, The Jungle. People are living in hand made shacks, human waste and garbage fills the streets, and fires are daily starting destroying the little that these refugees do have. It feels hopeless, but with the Gospel we have brought the hope of Jesus and lots of hugs and shoulders to cry on. This summer we will be working more with the refugees along side people from all over the world.
What's happening next? 

Now that we have sent out these two teams we will begin our next exciting mission called, SHINE! YWAM Amsterdam is running a training seminar called SHINE for 6 weeks. The seminar will train and equip people to minister to pimps, prostitutes, and victims of human-trafficking. Josh and I will be leading a small group with the students of the seminar weekly and participating in local ministry in the red light district. We are excited to walk side by side with people who have a heart to minister in this sphere as well as bring healing, and restoration to their personal lives through the training. Testimonies to come! 

Family Life!
Being a family with “open doors” is something God has placed on our hearts recently. Part of this is actively pursuing hospitality as a family. Inviting people in, opening our home and lives up to those around us. In our experience Christ is most accurately represented through us when we invite people to enter our lives on a personal level. This happens around our table, during weekly devotionals that Lexi leads in our bedroom, and giving our time to listen to people when they need counsel or prayer. Allowing our lives to be “interruptible” for the Gospel to expand is the challenge we are taking on. It starts in our own homes, in our own spheres. During this DTS period we have tried our best to keep this lesson and life-style a part of our everyday. Please be praying with us that our hearts would continue to be open to all that God wants to do. Please pray that we would respond the way Christ would even if something new and uncomfortable for us should come up. And I want to encourage you, wherever you are, to look at your life missionaly. Ask God to show you how you can bring the kingdom in whichever season of life you are in now. A life inlove with Jesus, and open to His plans is the most fulfilled life we could ask for!
The Norell Bunch
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January 2016

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praises to His name, for it is lovely!
Hello friends!
We cannot contain our excitement, so before we begin we want to announce that we will be having a baby GIRL this June! Our minds are filled with the sweet thoughts of Cora having a little sister, and all the fun they will have together. We have recently began meeting with my midwife regularly in preparation for the birth, We feel so much peace and joy in this season of preparing our lives for another little girl to be part of our family. Josh is feeling quite out numbered (haha!) but so excited to be a father to two girls. It is such a precious gift for which we are singing praises to Him daily!  
Things are in full swing here as we have started our 2016 Arts DTS. We welcomed 19 students to Amsterdam three weeks ago, all traveling from different nations. Week one we had the privilege of hearing each one of them share their testimony and journey that lead them to the DTS. This was a powerful time for the students. Many tears where shed, and the Holy Spirit began to get to work on each of their hearts. It's a vulnerable thing to open up to people who you have just met, but we had an amazing time.  
Week one of teaching we walked the students through a intensive Bible study program. A group from Germany came to help facilitate this week and bring the Bible to life! It was so cool to see many of the students receive revelation of who God is and His love for them. They spent much of this week learning how to study and read the Bible and how to be excited about reading God's word.

Week two was a combination of two teachings. They were taught about the power of the Holy Spirit and hearing the voice of God. So many times we put God in a box and expect Him to only speak with us in certain ways. We spoke a lot about all the personal and creative ways that God chooses to communicate with us and how we can communicate with Him. We talked a lot about intimacy with Jesus and His Spirit. A woman from the Netherlands Prophetic Group came to prophecy and also open the students up to the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It was a incredibly impactful week were we saw people being touched by the Spirit for the first time, people receiving encouraging words from the Lord, and the love of God overcoming fears. Yay, Jesus! This is why we do what we do, to see God be glorified and His sons and daughters enter His kingdom!
Last weekend Josh was a part of filming a music video for an artist in our community named Martin Sham. Josh spent two days filming all the shots for the video and then another friend came and put the video together.  The music video along with the EP was released this week. You can watch the video HERE

Our DTS is an ARTS focused DTS which means that we incorporate arts in our teachings and ministry. Each week we have different creative workshops in which the students can participate. This week I lead a crafting workshop where the students learned how to make plant hangers and woven coasters. We had lots of fun! 
This week we begin teachings on the character and nature of God! Please keep the students in your prayers as they prepare to go into the following weeks. God is doing so many amazing things already and we know that He is inviting them deeper and deeper into relationship with Him.
Keep us in your prayers as we begin our small group and one-on-ones with a few of the students this week. These times are meant for deeper processing and mentorship for the students. We see so much transformation happen in their lives during these one-on-one times and we look forward to building these relationships. 
We love you all and really appreciate your involvement in our lives and the work that God is doing in Amsterdam. 
The Norell's


For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. - Luke  2:11


Being away from family for Christmas is never easy, but  we feel so grateful to have an amazing community around us to celebrate with here in Amsterdam. Christmas Eve was spent with beautiful friends around  a candle lit table, and a variety of food representing where we each come from. Christmas morning was equally as fun and glorious! Josh and I made cinnamon rolls to share with our floor mates that were also away from family during the Holidays, and gave them each a little gift. It was so fun to eat together and spend the day listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. Did anyone else watch Home Alone 1 and 2???  In the evening we skyped with family in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Sweden, and California! Below is a picture of Cora chatting with her family from a far. It was truly a beautiful day and left me with all kinds of happy feelings and a heart of thankfulness. 

I know its not thanksgiving, but I can't help but burst with thankfulness this Christmas season. God has been incredibly good to us. Life isn't always easy, and this year like every year had its up's and down's. Some seasons are easy to accept, and others much harder. The good news is that as Christians we have been given the most incredible gift to carry with us through every season, the gift of a Savior.

"And the Angel said to them, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people!"

 This Christmas I am thankful for the gift of a Savior who brings hope and peace to all who choose Him. As we look back on this year Josh and I see God's love, peace, and hope covering it all, the good and the bad. This is truly the best gift of all!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year from our family to yours! 

Love, The Norells

DecEMBER 2015



After two wonderful days in LA with my brother, Riley, and then a 12 hour flight from LA to Moscow, and another 4 hour flight from Moscow to Amsterdam, we finally made it to our new home! We survived the long journey with only one major melt-down by Cora on the long flight which was a huge answer to prayer. The flights were smooth, we had our own isle on both flights, and even though we didn't purchase a personal seat for Cora she ended up with her own on both flights. God was SO GOOD to us. 

Cora insisted that she wear her princess dress while unpacking. 
We were greeted warmly by our house mates and the rest of the staff in our building the night we arrived. It felt so good to be back with our "Amster-fam". We have two rooms for us and Cora and we will be sharing a bathroom, living room, and kitchen with 8 other staff members on our floor, all from different places and different backgrounds.

Our first night went smoothly. We all slept through the night and woke up at a decent hour. We spent the day with friends and unpacked our belongings. We feel like we are settling back in well and our two rooms are becoming home already. We were confident that last night (our second night here) would go just as well as the first...but we were wrong. Seems we had some luck the first night, but the truth is that Cora is extremely jet lagged. She was wide awake until about 4am. Our poor neighbors! We are praying that tonight is more successful.
Saying goodbye to Riley at LAX!
Riley teaching Cora how to ride a skateboard. =)
This week Josh and the rest of the DTS staff team are cleaning and doing maintenance in the building we live in. Our building is called, Samaritans Inn, it is one of the four YWAM buildings in the city. The ARTS DTS students will live in this building with us so we are preparing for their arrival in January. We also begin school prep meetings and we have personal meetings with an advisor here who will help us integrate into the Dutch life style. Be praying for us this week as we settle in, and as we establish a normal routine with Cora. Thank you all for your prayers! 
Josh, Lexi, and Cora 
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NovemBER 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gifts! - 2 Cor 9:15


Dear friends, 

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Being home with family, enjoying a healthy pregnancy, and seeing God provide for us has been some of our highlights. This Thanksgiving we are also thankful to announce that we have reached our minimum financial goal to be able to move to Amsterdam! Thank you for praying for us during this process as well as joining our monthly support team. These past few months of fundraising have been a huge growing experience for us and also a great faith builder. We are still $300 away from our ultimate goal of $3,000 a month, but the government is allowing us to arrive with the minimum of $2,700. 

We bought our flights to Amsterdam and are currently packing and saying our goodbyes here in Tulsa. We will fly to LA on December 2nd, spend two nights with my brother, Riley, and then fly to Amsterdam. We are so excited to be back in Amsterdam serving beside the amazing YWAM staff there. 

Prayer Requests
 - Please pray for safe travels. Our longest flight is 12 hours and we would appreciate you praying that Cora does well and isn't too fussy. =)
- Pray for our safety in Amsterdam.
- Pray that the remaining $300 of monthly support comes in.
- Pray for the acceptance of visas.
- Pray for the funds for a new laptop and visas to come in.

The Norells
Visa and Current Needs
The Dutch government has allowed us to come to Amsterdam and then wait for our visa acceptance. We still need $700 to pay for our visas. We are praying that our visas will be granted quickly despite the large number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Amsterdam. We understand with this current situation it could take longer, but we are trusting God to open doors. Along with the $700 towards visas we are praying that God provide the finances for a secondary lap-top. With both of us working with YWAM we have struggled sharing one laptop get our work done. We currently need $2200 for a lap-top. 
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OctobER 2015

Norell News                                                  www.lexiandjosh.com
Baby Number Two!
We are super excited to announce that we are expecting our second kiddo next June! Lexi is 11 weeks along, and she and baby are healthy and well. We would appreciate your prayers for this pregnancy, that everything would continue to go smoothly, and Lexi would feel well. Thank you for sharing in our joy of this new little one! We know that Cora will make a great, big sister! 
More Exciting News!

Only $350 left to go!

We are getting closer and closer to meeting our financial goal in monthly support! The Dutch government requires us to have $3000 a month in financial support to live in Amsterdam. We recently found out that due to some deductions we can start the visa process at $2700 a month in support. We are $350 away from reaching that goal! We plan on leaving for Amsterdam the first week of December in order to attend the DTS Staff training. That means that we have only a couple weeks to raise this remaining $350.

We want to invite you to join our monthly support team. Would you pray and consider partnering with us? Even a gift of $10 a month makes a huge difference in our ministry and reaching our financial goal to be able to work in Amsterdam. For those of you who already give a monthly donation we want to ask that you would pray with us. We need prayer as we trust God to provide over these next couple weeks. We believe that Amsterdam is where He has called us, and we know that prayer opens doors! 
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September 2015

Norell News!

Hey Ya’ll!

We have some really exciting news to share with you! 

First of all, we can't believe that it has been almost two years since we began our adventure as oversees missionaries in Switzerland! So many wonderful things happened during this time and we see God's faithfulness shining through it all. Here are some of our highlights from these past two years!
  • Welcoming Cora Rose into the family!
  • Staffing Mission Adventures!
  • Hosting a Pastors conference of 30+ people from around the world!
  • Serving a local Swiss Church
  • Serving the YWAM base in hospitality and maintenance. 
  • Leading as counselors for Childrens summer camps!
  • Mentoring 10 students through s DTS!
  • Leading an outreach to the Dominican Republic!
  • Staffing a DTS in Amsterdam!
 So much more happened then a list can tell, but to say the least its been an incredible two years! We really love and appreciate each of you for supporting us in this journey and we hope that you have enjoyed it as well. 
So, what's the big news?
This summer YWAM Amsterdam offered Josh a wonderful opportunity to serve as a DTS (Discipleship Training School) school co-leader and later school leader. We were so humbled that the leaders saw potential in us and we decided to take a month to pray about it. Through much prayer, fasting, and advice from our mentors we believe this is the next step for us in missions! 
What will we do in Amsterdam?
We will be returning to Amsterdam to staff the Arts Discipleship Training Schools! Josh will be co-leading the school that begins in January and Lexi will be on staff for the school. Lexi will also be involved in women ministry in the red Light District and other parts of the city. Cora will be serving as the cutest and youngest staff member of the DTS! 
So, what now?
Right now we are in Tulsa, OK. applying for our Dutch visas, reconnecting with our home church, visiting family, and fundraising. We have been blessed to be staying at Lexi's parents house and we have lots of help with Cora. Josh recently took on a part time job to help us save for the costs of visa paper work and our return flight to Europe.  We will also be serving in local missions through our Church in the West Tulsa area! 
The Norells
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August 2015


Home sweet home!

We touched down in Minnesota two weeks ago to visit the Norell clan! It's been a little over a year and a half since we set out to the mission field in Europe, and this is our first visit home. The past 6 months were a huge success staffing the Discipleship Training School in Amsterdam and then leading the outreach to the Dominican Republic. God did so many amazing things in our students lives and in those we ministered to, but we are ready for some rest! These past two weeks in Minnesota we went on a family camping trip to the beautiful Boundary Waters! We had 5 days in the great outdoors and Cora was a real trooper! To see pictures and hear more about our trip go check out Lexi's blog at http://norellnook.com ! 


This was Cora's first visit to America and the first time to meet her uncles! She loved the canoe rides and exploring the forest at our campsite. 
We drove 6 hours to the Boundary waters, and then trekked 5 hours to our camp site by canoe and on foot! It was a great adventure spent with wonderful family. 

Enjoy a video of our work these past three months!

Dominican Republic Outreach!

We look forward to the rest of our time visiting friends and family here in the States. We will be flying to Oklahoma on Tuesday to visit lexis side of the family. We hope to see many of you during our time home! 

The Norells


june & July 2015


Dear friends and family, 

It's hard to believe that tomorrow we will be flying back to Amsterdam for two weeks of debriefing with the students and re-entry classes. We have loved this adventure of leading this group to serve Jesus all over the Dominican republic, and we are giving thanks to God for all He has done. We have spent our last two weeks serving in a village called, Jarabacoa. Coming to Jarabacoa was special for me because it is where I did my DTS 8 years ago! We partnered with a lovely family in the community and focused on prayer and intercession ministry.

There is a lot of witch craft, voodoo, and demonic activity happening in Jarabacoa. The family we worked with have had many experiences of witches trying to place curses on their home, and spiritual warefare is a constant battle they face. As a group we knew that prayer and intercession in the community would be key in our time there.

While grocery shopping one day our other staff member, Ruth, was asked by a women if our group would come and pray for her family at their house. This women has two young boys, 3 and 2 years old, and the oldest for a year has been tormented by a demon in their home. We agreed to go knowing that with Christ in us we have the authority over all evil.  Without knowing anything about the home and property a couple of our girls saw the same image on the land as we drove up the drive way. Through visions God reviled to us that the land was cursed througb many generations and strong witchcraft and sacrifices had happened there.  In my spirit God told me not that we were on heavy enemy territory. We blessed the house and prayed for the children and God reveiled to us many things about the home and propery. The young boy became violent and angry when we would pray and worship and he would demand that his mom had to leave the house. We had so much compassion for him and his parents, and we could see the demonic influence happening, but we knew that God would overcome it all.

Three hours later we left and we could all feel a shift in the athmosphere. With God we walk in the light and darkenss can not stand against it. Our God is a God of redemption and love and we believe that this land and the family will be be fully redeemed back to Him! The level of spiritual warefare was intense and way to deep for only one time of prayer and blessings. We will be the first of many Christians in the community to be praying and fasting for this place. A 30 days prayer and fast will hopefully be taking place soon on the land lead by local pastors. 

We also did many prayer walks in the community and prayed for anyone who needed prayer, outside of the grocery stores, infront of the house, deep in the village, Gods light was coming through. For 5 nights a few members of our team would be woken up by God with a prayer assignment. Most nights from 1am to 4am  we would sit in the diningroom to pray and two or three would soon join. We would walk the house with candlelight reading scripture out and interceding for what God put on our heart. 
I had the privlegde of baptizing this young, wonderful lady. I have been discipling her through these past 6 months and I have seen the amazing transformation in her life take place. When she arrived on the DTS she wasn't sure if she believed in God, or if she wanted to turn from the sin in her life. God was kind and patient with her through it all and after many one on one sessions with her and prayer she made the discion to follow Christ with her whole heart and turn from her old life. Her baptisim was such a beautiful moment! We danced, worshiped, prayed, and baptized her at the river in Jarabacoa. “Behold, the old has gone and the new has come!”

Our last 4 days in Jarabacoa our electricity and water ran out. 

There were no fans, toilet water, shower water, our rain water in the tank above the house and we lived by candlelight. The family owned a small kids pool in the back yard that had water in it so we used that water for washing dishes, cooking, and limited bathing. Praise God also for the river a few miles away that was available to bathe in and cool off with. These days were challenging but we made it through, and Cora also was a trooper as always and loved the river baths and candles.

And then came the lice.

We discovered lice in one of our students hair one morning and sure enough many of us also had it. We quickly went to the store to buy a gallon of vinegar and we did our best to treat everyone! We prayed, combed, washed, prayed, combed, washed, until everyone and everything was treated. Im making a mental note for next time to pack lots of combs.

Eventually on the night before we left the electricity came back on and we had street water again. God was so faithful through it all, bringing His joy and peace in every challenge. He is a good, good Father. Tomorrow we leave this beautiful country and fly back to Amsterdam. Please be praying for us as we wrap up this time with the students and end strong! 

May 2015

Hello friends and family!
We have reached the half way point of our out-reach. Time has flown by, but we have experienced so many amazing things. We arrived at our second location in Santiago a few weeks ago and we will be here until the 10th of June. So far we have had great results in the ministry we are a part of here, and have seen God move in many amazing ways. As a family we recently have felt the weight of the responsibility of leading the team and finding time as a family. We have been able to reevaluate what we need as a family to continue in a healthy way for the next 6 weeks and finish strong! With the help of our co-leader we have found ways to spend quality time together as a family We are so thankful for the support our team offers! Please be paying for us in this process of serving God, leading the team, and taking care of each other and our family. 

City Day

Every week we send the students out into the city in 4 groups. They take a packed lunch and they return in the evenings. We encourage them to pray and ask God what's on His heart. The reports when they return in the evenings are amazing! A man with hip problems saw his leg grow out 3 inches! One team was asked to stand infront of a funeral and sing worship! One group held hands with a circle of local firemen and police men and prayed blessing over them and their families! The stories go on and on. We are so encouraged to see the students hearing Gods voice and obeying what He says even if its out of their comfort zone. 

Mountain Ministry

Some of the most precious moments have been visiting homes in the mountains. We have been hiking to small villages in the mountains offering prayer, sharing the Gospel, and serving in practical ways with the families there. Our groups were able to help a family retrieve water from a hole after hiking rough terrain. We were able to pray for many people and share words from God for specific people we met. The Dominican people are so hospitable, and they welcome us in when they see us. God is opening many doors for us to deliver His message! 

Mothers Day!

I had the joy of celebrating my first mothers day here in the Dominican! It was such a special day with the sweet girl. I am so honored to be her mom, and I learn so much from here. Cora is 11 months old now! Where has the time gone!? A few weeks ago she started walking! All of our students where just as excited as we were to watch her walk across the room to Josh and I, and we all cheered and celebrated with her. It was a very special time. Only one more month until she is one year old...this is unreal. I hope all you moms out there had a beautiful day as well! 



Josh, Lexi, and Cora

April 2015


Hola friends and family!

We left Amsterdam April 9th with our 9 students and arrived safely in the Dominican Republic many hours later! We were welcomed with the hot, humid, Dominican air and friendly strangers. Cora was a champ the whole way here and has adjusted pretty well to the new climate. Thank you Jesus! Josh’s dad, Kent Norell just happened to be visiting the Dominican and was able to pick up our team from the airport. It was such a blessing to see family! He brought some goodies for Cora and also gave our team a cultural orientation. It was such a blessing from God to spend a few days with him!

Our team is adjusting well so far with the the change in time zone and other cultural differences. Most of our students are European or American so coming to a Spanish speaking island is a culture shock. They are now faced with the challenges of not having air conditioning, hot water, functioning toilets and clean water. They are adapting really well and daily praising and thanking God for the opportunity to be here.  

Go on and scream it from the mountains, Go on and tell it to the masses, that He is God! 

One of the most precious things in the world is witnessing the salvation of a new Jesus follower. We had been walking through mountain side villages praying for people and worshiping when we noticed two girls who had followed us. They came to us with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes asking for Jesus. It was a beautiful moment as they prayed for their salvation and then became filled with the Holy Spirit. We are praying for more encounters like this!

Raising Leaders!

Our team has the awesome opportunity to teach English courses, share the Gospel, and facilitate fun games for the local kids! Our students run a 2 hour program with the children and then the kids stay and have dinner with us. There are around 50 kids ages 7-15. The vision began from the staff at the YWAM Villa Mella base and they hope to raise up strong believers who will learn the skill of translating Spanish to English, and that they would become missionaries in their communities or internationally. We are excited to be part of this long term investment! 

How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ... Ephesians 3:18 

Continue to pray for us as we continue with out reach for the next 9 weeks! We face many daily challenges from heat, bugs, and lack of clean and sometimes running water. This has been a new challenge for us with Cora and we are still getting in the groove of things here. Cora is a mover and is constantly wanting to put everything in her mouth! Please be praying for good health, safety, and most of all for the Gospel to be shared. We know that God has amazing plans for our team here and we want to bring Gods kingdom everywhere we go. Thank you for being on this journey with us and for being so supportive of our mission. We love you all! 

The Norells 

March 2015


England Adventure!

We spent the past two weeks in Harpenden England.

Neither of us have ever been to the UK and we were so excited! We set out from Amsterdam at 7:00pm with all the students and arrived 15 hours later. It was quite the experience traveling overnight by train, bus, ferry, and subway, with a  9 month old, but we survived!
Our time in Harpenden was great! We had the privilege of having wonderful, creative speakers teach about identity, Father heart of God, and the Holy Spirit. During the lectures the students used clay, paint, and other forms of art to create outward expressions of the revelations they were receiving. The photo above is one of the clay pieces a student created, so beautiful! They also received pottery and creative movement classes from skilled artists! It was so cool to see them being creative in a way that truly glorified God.
During the lecture on Father heart of God many of our students gained a deep revelation of who God is. For many, their earthly fathers and mothers have given them a poor image of their heavenly Father. We were able to walk them through spiritual healing and help them change their view of who they believed God was. This is so important to us because it tackles the question if God is truly good and if he loves us. He does! No matter what we have experience from our earthly Fathers, our heavenly Father is all loving and merciful. 


A Happy Birthday and 9 Month Milestone! 

While in England on March 7th Josh turned 26 and Cora turned 9 months old! Josh is a incredible Father to our little Rose, and my oh my how much they look alike! Cora is growing so fast and we think she is getting used to all this moving and traveling around. The students love her and have spent sweet times taking her on walks and playing with her. We are truly blessed to be in this YWAM family! Happy 26th birthday Josh, and 9 months Cora Rose! 

We Have An Amazing Adventure Ahead!

Josh and I have agreed to lead the outreach phase of the ARTS DTS to the Dominican Republic! We took a lot of time to think and pray about this decision, and we feel very strongly that this is the right step for us. We will be leading along with one other staff member, Ruth, a team of 10 students to different locations in the Dominican Republic and will be doing a variety of ministry. Outreach begins April 4th and we will return to Amsterdam around the middle of June. We are beyond excited for this adventure and we can't wait to see all that the Lord does during this time. Please keep us in your prayers as we communicate with different contacts in the DR and as we prepare emotional, spiritually and as a family for this next step. 

Have You Seen Our Website!?

We are super excited to have our new website up and running! Josh worked so hard on this site and we are really passionate about it. More than anything we hope its a place we can connect with you and share all thats Gods doing in different seasons of our lives. Make sure you go check it out and subscribe! http://www.lexiandjosh.com


Josh, Lexi, and Cora

January 2015


DTS Has Begun! 

Our first couple weeks in Amsterdam were spent planning, and last minute preperations for the ARTS DTS that we are staffing. We spent many hours finishing the remodeling for the student housing which is on the apartment floor below ours. Up until the early hours of the morning before the students arrived we were working! The housing looks beautiful and the students love it! The students arrived on the 15th and we had a really fun welcome weekend of meeting the staff, a city tour, worship, prayer, and fellowship.
We have 10 students all between the ages of 19-28. They represent 9 nations and all have unique artistic giftings! The ARTS DTS is special because besides the regular DTS framework the students participate in art workshops, a creative day during the week, and we share a lot about how art can be a tool in ministry.
This has been a intense first week for she students. Our speaker taught on hearing the voice of God and challenging each student to practice the discipline of hearing Gods voice through how God uniquely speaks to them individually. They have also spent time in the YWAM Prayer House which is located in the Red Light Distric of Amsterdam, and have experienced Gods presence in amazing ways! We can't wait to see what God does in the weeks to come!

Red Light District Ministry

YWAM Amsterdam has two buildings located in the heart of the Red Light District, the Tabernacle Prayer House, and the Lighthouse. The Tabrinacle is a 24 hour prayer house that we use weekly with our DTS students, and the Lighthouse is a safe house for women who are escaping or leaving prostitution.
Josh and I currently live 2 blocks from the Red Light District and I (Lexi) have joined ministry opprotunities to the women in the windows. This week I went with a group of four other YWAM'ers on a guided tour of the Red Light District. Our goal was to see what the locals and tourists non-christian perspective was on the prostitution happening.
On this tour our eyes were open to truly dark and heartbreaking things happening in that area of the city and the lies that people believed about the women. We took an audio recorder and camera to document our experience and we will be releasing an article soon about our research and experience. This article will be about the high percentage of human trafficking taking place and the reality of what prostituaion is doing to the women physically and emotionally. Our prayer is that we can raise awareness about this issue. During this project we have faced a lot of spiritual warfare. Keep us in your prayers!

10X100 Campaign

We are passionate about discipling young people and reaching the lost. To make this possible we need to reach a certain financial budget each month. That is why from January 11th to February 11th we are running our 10X100 CAMPAIGN! We are praying and believing for 100 people to join our support team by giving 10 dollars a month. We would like to ask you to pray and see if this is something the Lord wants you to be a part of. We would love to have you join our team and be a part of God's work in Europe! Please click the "DONATE" button below to join!   

God Bless You - Josh, Lexi, & Cora Norell